About Weisen-U
Weisen-U (30's / 100's)

25mg Biodiastase 2000, 192mg Dried Aluminum Hydroxide Gel, 159mg Magnesium Hydroxide (excipient) and 25mg Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride

WEISEN-U is composed of dry coated tablet consisting of inner core and outer layer of tablet . This formulation produces a synergy effect - the strong antacid in the outer layer dissolves quickly after taking and neutralizes excessive gastric acid; the inner layer penetrates into the damaged part of the stomach and treat the affected area quickly. This formulation not only relieves various kinds of stomach discomforts quickly, but also helps repair the damaged stomach and promote health recovery.


Over-drunk and feeling of fullness
Stomach pain and indigestion
Damaged gastric mucosa


The Dual Layer Structure
Unlike conventional gastrointestinal drugs, Weisen-U has a unique dual layer. Dissolving at different phrases, the inner core and outer layer work in synergy to address different gastrointestinal problems in two phases.


Dual-Layer tablets with Multiple functions
Neutralize gastric acid: "WEISEN-U" with a powerful antacid quickly neutralize gastric acid and relieve pain.

Alleviating digestion system: Biodiastase 2000, which contained in the outer layer of tablet, promotes digestion and absorption of starch in the stomach, alleviating the load on the digestive system.

Repair damaged gastric mucosa: The gastric-protective agent in "WEISEN-U" can repair and heal damaged gastric mucosa, restore stomach health.


Adults shall take 1 tablet 3 times a day with warm water after meals.
Use in children is not allowed.

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30's HK$69
100's HK$175
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