Stomach Care Tips
7 Gastrointestinal Purifiers

Do you want to ease your digestive system after having lavish meals? Add these foods to your diet to purify your body!


The dietary fibers of beans can absorb water in the digestive system and remove intestinal wastes. They also suppresses the accumulation of fatty tissues around the abdomen . Best choices include black beans, mung beans and tofu.

Dried fruit

The healthy fats help detoxify bowels as a natural lubricant. Almonds, cashews and pistachios can effectively clean your gastrointestinal system.


Almost all types of tea contain elements that can dissolve fat, promote digestion, lubricate bowels and facilitate defecation. The most effective purifying types of tea are oolong tea, broadleaf holly leaf tea and Pu’er tea.


After entering the digestive system, the lactobacillus can eliminate bad bacteria and decayed substances in the digestive tract. Good bacteria will be protected to promote intestinal motility and health.

Coarse grains

Rich in dietary fibers that not only promote digestion, but also remove the greasy residue and wastes in the intestines. Oats, corns and sweet potato are some of the good picks.


A rich source of vitamins, fibers and pectin that help promote digestion and detoxify the body. Apple, cherry and grapefruit are great to be added to your diet.


The simplest and the most efficient detoxifying food, especially those fiber-rich green vegetables. Try the nutrient-rich kelp, celery and Chinese cabbage .