Stomach Care Tips
Tips for Autumn and Winter

During the dry season, apart from dressing warmly and using body lotion, it is also important to take care of your stomach since the cool weather can upset the stomach. Here are three simple tips to protect your stomach.

Keep your stomach warm

The temperature difference between day and night can be significant, and our sensitive digestive system can easily get cold, which may in turn trigger or worsen the gastrointestinal diseases. Remember to always keep your stomach warm.

Eat ginger and pepper

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that a weak stomach is caused by the deficiency of Qi (vital energy), and will result in tiredness, poor appetite and sallow complexion. Meanwhile, stomach problems are common in Autumn. Those with a cold stomach can consume an appropriate amount of fresh ginger and pepper to warm and strengthen their stomach. To protect the gastric mucosa, try to avoid stimulating foods or drinks, such as alcohol, coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks (soft drinks), sour and spicy foods and greasy dishes.

Have small but frequent meals

Our appetite improves in Winter as our body needs to store enough energy for the cold weather. But overeating can lead to indigestion, bloating or hyperacidity. To avoid stomach discomforts, you should have regular and bland meals.

We hope that these three simple tips can help you maintain a healthy digestive system!