What is the function of Weisen-U?

Weisen-U is composed of dry coated tablet consisting of inner core and outer layer of tablet. This formulation produces a synergy effect - the strong antacid in the outer layer dissolves quickly after taking and neutralizes excessive gastric acid; the inner layer penetrates into the damaged part of the stomach and treat the affected area quickly. This formulation not only relieves various kinds of stomach discomforts quickly, but also helps repair the damaged stomach and promote health recovery.


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Can Weisen-U be taken for a long term?

Weisen-U is used for various stomach discomforts. You can stop taking it if your symptoms get improved. If your symptoms do not improve within two weeks after taking Weisen-U, you should stop the medication and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Should Weisen-U be chewed before swollen?

Weisen-U adopts a unique Dual Layer Structure, so it can only be swallowed directly without chewing.

Can children take Weisen-U?

Weisen-U adopts a unique Dual Layer Structure, so it can only be swallowed directly. Therefore, Weisen-U is only suitable for adults or those who can swallow the tablet directly, and should not be taken by children who cannot swallow tablets.

Where is the origin of Weisen-U?

Weisen-U is produced in Hong Kong by "Jean-Marie Pharmacal Company Limited (JMP)." JMP ‘s advanced cGMP production facilities can adopt the latest and advanced pharmaceutical technology, and meet the international GMP Production standard.

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Besides Hong Kong, which countries/regions can we buy Weisen-U?

Weisen-U has been sold in Hong Kong for more than 60 years, and has been landed in the Mainland China, Macau and Singapore.

The product name of Weisen-U in the Mainland China is called "维仙优". If you want to know more about the product details of "维仙优", please browse:


How to consult or check the authenticity of the product?

Is there any difference in the shelf-life for the Mainland China维仙优, Hong Kong Weisen-U and Singapore Weisen-U?

The shelf-life of the Mainland China维仙优is two years while the shelf-life of Weisen-U in Hong Kong and Singapore is four years.